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Call/text:(484) 258-9432 for top notch and very potent strains like girl scout cookies, sour diesel,blue dream, super silver haze, purple kush, og kush etc… and many more. With Fast delivery and Discreet packaging available with FedEx, USPS,UPS etc.. Tracking numbers and references available.
By: ortizducan
Posted at: April 27, 2015
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We are legit distributor of different varieties of hash oil and marijuana strains that is good for cancer,brain tumor,insomia and others illness.here is what i have available on stock. Hash Oil, Honey Comb Wax Oil Wax Oil Cannabis Oil BUTANE OIL AFGHANI OIL -Hemp Oil Essential Fatty Acid -Kosher Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil 8 OZ -honey oil -CANNABIS OIL -Black oil -Indian oil Marijuana strains available -Blue Cheese -OG Kush -Grape Ape -Super Lemon Haze -Sour Diesel -Sour Kush -Blue Dream -White Widow -Purple Kush -Bubba Kush -Super Silver Haze -Apollo 13 -Whiteberry - Jack Herer -Hawaiian Snow -Jack the Ripper -Vanilla Kush -Juicy Fruit - C-99 -Chocolate Chunk -LA Confidential - Canyon -Sinsemilla Orange Kush, Purple-Skunk, Banana Kush, pineapple express, Night Queen, Big Bud, Purple Haze, Cheese, Blue Dream,White Russia, White Widow, Strawberry Cough and many others We ship via out the USA and we do mix matches of strains. Shipping is done very discreetly Others ACTAVIS PROMETHAZINE WITH CODEINE PURPLE COUGH SYRUP Oxycotin, oxycodone , opama ,xanax, pollen , MDMA , cocaine ,vicodin etc NOTE: SEEDS AND GRINDERS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE with clones for your order, contact... Email: (martineztracy086@gmail.com ) (401) 542-2858
By: martineztracy086
Posted at: July 25, 2015
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MEDICAL MARIJUANA AND MORE We are experts, experienced and reliable suppliers of highest quality Anxeity pills, Pain Relief Medication, Pure researched chemicals and Medical Marijuana at all quantities that meet and surpass customer expectations. -Overnight shipping with a tracking number provided for your shipment(Fast,safe and reliable delivery). -We ship to USA,U.K, ,CANADA,GERMANY,SWEDEN,NEW ZEALAND, TURKEY and many other countries not listed here. -Our delivery is very discreet safe,reliable and have always been successful.FOR A List PRODUCTS ON STOCK, TEXT AND CALL VIA +1(323) 364-3308 or Email us at (jonesdrugsupplierltd@gmail.com ).
By: jonesdrugsupplierltd
Posted at: June 16, 2016
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Call (423) 523-9563 Email janislesis86@gmail.com I Would prefer to provide for patients with serious illnesses/injuries that are diagnosable such as Cancer, or pain from a serious injury such as a back injury with medical records like x-ray's rather then subjective/unprovable things such as migraines. However, what ever your ailment might be feel free to cONTACT ME . If things seem on the up and up I will be happy to be your care giver. I use all organic nutrients, compost tea, and multiple light spectrum's during flowering for a top quality medicinal experience. I receive donations to be able to provide some medicine to those patients with illnesses or injuries that are serious enough to result in financial hardship. Currently running top quality Grand Daddy Purple (GDP), Green Crack Purple Kush Grand daddy Purple Girls scout Cookies Afghan Kush Purple Haze Og kush Sour Diesel Blueberry Haze Blueberry Yum Yum White widow Plush Berry, and OG kush Cheese, Shatter and oils also available B3000 Shatter HEADBAND SHATTER SFV OG SHATTER BLACKWATER SHATTER CHERRY BOMB SHATTER HEADBAND WAX OG SHATTER SILVER HAZE SHATTER SPACE BOMB SHATTER SUPER SILVER HAZE WAX SOUR KUSH SAP 0.5G VERY potent hash oil. purged for hours so no impurities left. used stainless steel tubes. Black oil, Indian oil, red oil, honey oil, cherry leb oil Afghani oil Organic Hemp Oil 16 fl oz Liquid Kosher Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil 8 OZ Hemp Oil Essential Fatty Acid WAX OIL BUTANE OIL being tested are Critical Plus, Money Maker, and Jelly Bean. I Will add strains as per patients request assuming I can obtain them or if the patient provides seeds or clones. I have only one patient at the moment and the number of genetics available will increase dramatically in the near future as I am currently in the process of filling the rest of my available slots. Looking for responsible, discrete and friendly, long term patients to enjoy a professional, quality caregiver service. For more information Call (423) 523-9563 Email janislesis86@gmail.com
By: maroonluise
Posted at: August 5, 2016
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