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How does Fox Farm compare to say, House and Garden?
By: nwj420
Posted at: January 19, 2014
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We have some units up for donation..strains are Blueberry yum yum , super sour diesel, Crack cocaine,White widow ,OG Kush,GDP,Sour Diesel,Purple Haze,Purple kush,Blue Dream,Green Crack ,Girl scout cookies..Etc..top flight organically grown meds that smell and taste as they should..will ship within u.s.a only and nothing smaller than an oz…would love to find some people out east cost to work with as I’m from there and I hear it’s dry…Text/call us @ 408-658-8948 me for prices I have plenty available.
By: macking415
Posted at: March 7, 2014
Grow Stores
I haven't done any full runs with just fox farm nutes. I'm sure it works fine, but from my experience and many friends I like the end result of house and garden, canna, or advanced. I use mostly canna because its a simple few products that produce fantastic results. I have ditched Advanced a while back when they starting raising prices like crazy and adding way to many products to their line. They were getting greedy in my eyes. House and garden has done well for friends that used it, I only use Roots Excelorator from them (amazing results). I found the base nutes of canna to be a little weak, but good, so I use Heavy 16 A and B and then Canna additives. I haven't found anything that can touch cannaBoost for results. Its expensive so I keep trying to find a cheaper alternative but I always end up back to Boost. I never have any issues of salt buildups or problems flushing it at the end. It usually burns very well when I cut a branch off after only a few days of flushing (vs the 14 total I do). All in all, GH and Fox farm will do well for most people, but when I want the best of the best there are better options.
By: eriktherik
Posted at: June 23, 2014
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