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If you have an indoor growing setup using standard lights and ballasts, you may be sending out electromagnetic signals known as RFI or EMI that will get you tracked down and busted. Home grows are becoming more and more common these days, increasing the chance of being located near the home of a Ham radio operator. This story has even made it to a website, www.policeone.com, scary stuff! I just read this headline on a Ham radio website (qrz.com), "US hams track down indoor marijuana growers causing radio interference" Seems that RFI/EMI emitted by electronic ballasts interfere with reception of weak radio signals from all over the planet. When your lights switch on, for the radio operator, it's like being instantly transported to a noisy factory floor, you can't hear anymore. Hams totally don't like this and they will try to do something about it. Once they have tracked the source to your home, you might get a knock on the door & be told about the issue. Some Hams are nice enough to offer a solution, like putting Ferrite filters on the wires. Others might file a complaint with the FCC. You'll for sure get a letter from the FCC demanding that the interference cease. You could also get a door knock from a Federal Agent, a nasty can of worms you really don't want to open. The best way to avoid all this unpleasantness is to use a lighting system certified to emit less energy than specified in FCC Part 15/18 regulations. Shame on those manufacturers who produce systems that exceed FCC limits. You should contact the company who makes your particular model and find out if it is a good one or a bad one, that is if their ballasts have even been tested for RFI/EMI, many have not. If your ballast does not meet FCC specs, ask if you can send it to their service department for modification. A better idea is to get rid of it & buy a new one guaranteed to meet FCC specs and you'll no longer be attracting unwanted attention to your budding grow room. Please spread this info far and wide.
By: oleraylarsen
Posted at: February 14, 2015
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