Have any thoughts on this particular thread? More than likely its about marijuana or cannabis, and we know you have something to say about that.

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How would I....
Where To Find Weed
...get some affordable seeds so that I can grow plants for my own use here in Florida? I have very little money and the ads that I've answered online wanted $30 per seed with no guarantee that they would grow. I'd be lucky to be able to buy one seed (and they wouldn't sell it to me anyway!). When I was young we used to throw away the seeds but nowadays they seem to be a precious commodity. Anyway, I'd like to try to see if my chronic pain can be alleviated with cannabis, especially since doctors are too afraid to prescribe narcotics here and none of the pharmacies will fill a script for pain meds anyway. Thanks for reading my post and any help would be so greatly appreciated!! 'ding'
By: dingbatqueen
Posted at: October 8, 2014
Where To Find Weed

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