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Buddy Boy - N. Federal's critique for Unknown


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June 19, 2018
San Francisco, CA

With a name that suggests a climax or finale, Grand Fire OG is an OG Kush variety specifically bred for potency, and a distinguished bushy red beard; both characteristics contribute to the name. Our specimen came from Buddy Boy, true to traditional appearance: she was a redhead, covered in clusters of hair across her dark and condensed buds. The firmly-stacked calyxs broke apart easily, releasing a light, berry and botanical aroma. When ground, and smoked, she revealed notes of citrus and mint, pleasurable but not overpowering.
   The initial buzz was subdued, but creeping tides overtook us like giant undertow, completely out of nowhere. “After a few minutes, I was super-ripped,” wrote one critic. “It was really a kicker for first-smoke of the day.” The surprise surge continued “beyind the eyes,” wrote one, “late-arriving but right away thought-provoking.” In all, despite the OG appearance, she “crept like a G13” and deserved five minutes between puffs for best results.
   Until we settled into the coursing elevation to peak--which lasted up to an hour--it was difficult to complete tasks, or even start them. Music helped. We were super-spacy, and giggly, far too-medicated for serious public environment, so we relaxed instead. “It makes me want to go blow glass or be creative,” one said.
   Critics reported little interest in munchies, although one noted a hankering for a Pinot Noir and something with pesto, and another went on the hunt for Faygo Rock & Rye cream soda. After the first hour of craziness, we hit a high note plateau for about 2-3 hours before slow descent.
   One notable aspect of the high was the camaraderie; this strain is one to be shared with family and friends. “We as a group were almost ‘psychically linked,’” one quipped, “Right on point -- like a mind-connection.” Another noted that Grand Fire OG was “like a warm hug that went around the whole room,” adding, “I wanted even more friends around to share this with!” and finally, reported “It really brings people together. Really.”

Photo by Ry Prichard of Cannabis Encyclopedia

Published on November 2, 2014
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