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June 24, 2018
San Francisco, CA
Published on February 6, 2016

Everyone knows you can’t just eat one Girl Scout Cookie without the urge to finish off a whole box. Take a thick nugget with an illustrious range of violet hues, diamond crystal cover and phenomenal star anise aroma that fills the entire house--and you’ll find yourself in a similar predicament, loading bowl after bowl. Such it was with Chronic Therapy’s version of the strain, which was masterfully cured, and carried the fragrance of blood orange.

  Wow. We only needed one hit. That was clear from the first spark. It totally ripped right off the bat, tickling the throat. An electrical hiss sent us floundering, struggling to balance in slow motion. The next few moments passed like a full hour. A few critics felt slight dizziness as the head fully disconnected from the body, but recovered quickly.

  For the adventurous, a second, and greater puff only meant a higher soar. It…

Published on July 15, 2015

The aptly-named Skunk Banner hybrid combines the high-energy buzz of Skunk #1 with the low-key euphoria of Bruce Banner, to find a happy medium in terms of drive and functionality. But what better way to become acquainted, than through concentrate?

  Our sample specimen from Chronic Therapy was an amber shatter, although at just below room temperature, snapped cleanly and easily, no shards or losses. It was also malleable and easy to handle, even in a quick pinch when you only have a second to snap off a chunk. Her sour taste was heavy and alluring even as we opened the container; the puff revealed more of a skunk after-taste, creamy and lighter.

  She made for a clean and pleasant vape, so fresh and robust the taste, we had about 5 seconds to enjoy the mouthfeel before the wallop arrived--which smacked us on the back of the head, like a two-ton…

Published on April 9, 2015

Maybe it’s Purple Cotton’s diverse heritage that lends to its broad range of tastes and effects: you have all the signatures genetics and effects from Kush and Afghani landraces behind Purple Kush, juxtaposed upon the remarkably delicious global medley forming Cotton Candy’s lineage. Chronic Therapy supplied a delectable sample that delivered the entire spectrum we hoped for, from the full-body bliss to its lip-smacking sweetness.

The taste alone was enough to recommend from the start: the combination of genetics amounted to the spicy dark roast of spun sugar, pungent and intense. It was followed by second and third notes: berry, and citrus. Grinding the gorgeous bright nugs with neon orange hairs, more woody pungence filled the room. Even yet, the smoke was light and clear.

 “Powerful!” one critic cried after the first puff. The world seemed to stop momentarily, as an eye-tingling, eye-watering banshee of a mind-racer knocked us far…

Published on May 11, 2016

Meet Wifi Alien, also known as Wildfire Alien or as our critics like to call it: “Oliver Twist.” This fierce indica hybrid from Colorado’s own Chronic Therapy will blast you off into space and leave you begging “Please sir, I’d like some more.”

Our sample selection donned a fine crystalline coat of giant trichomes sparkling like diamonds, amidst a sea of cinnamon-red pistils, all with a refreshing scent of sugar-coated lemon zest. We could just as easily have packed without a grind, but it is highly recommended for the kief fallout alone. Packing a bowl felt like digging through sand with wet hands.

The spark ignited a strong cerebral rush, crossing the eyes and buzzing the face intensely--so hard that we had to stop and focus on breathing. Within 15 minutes, the madness was more contained, but as a gravitational wild card. Motor skills slowly recovered to about 50%, and…

Published on October 14, 2015

  Bubba Kush is one of those timeless indicas that dazzles the senses. It can be traced back to the same Hindu Kush lineage that originally emerged from the mountains in Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. Appropriate for the season, our nugget selection from Chronic Therapy was dense and gorgeous upon inspection, like miniature Christmas trees packed full of snow.

  First impressions were gloriously floral, erupting with sugar as we broke apart the bud. We half-expected to see a candied blueberry underneath the thick pistils and glittery trichomes. With a grind, the unmistakable scent of grapefruit and Fruity Pebbles saturated the air and we were left excitedly anticipating the smoke. The first cloudy hit brought a striking palette of flavors, namely spicy pine with earthy accents.

  The first few minutes of the high were cerebral and exhilarating, like sitting atop a precipice in a roller-coaster, heart pounding, in anticipation of the inevitable…

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