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April 24, 2018
San Francisco, CA
Published on January 17, 2015

Circulating around the state’s extract market these days is the new medical-company Colorado Extract Company (CEC), fresh on the menu but certainly not strangers to process. The company takes a proud artisan approach: they are best known for their fresh frozen, hand-trim water hash. Our sample, from the Lemon Skunk strain, carried the fresh, salubrious look of sun-bleached brown sugar in tiny crumbles. Within the jar lingered notes of grape soda, while the sample itself revealed a creamy-tart bouquet of cowberry and orange.

  On the editor’s sampling table were both rig and vapor pen - she puffed smoothly either way. “I’m goin’ on a journey,” the first reviewer announced to the rest upon exhaling, and fell backward into his recliner. No matter the size of the dab, the head-rush was psychedelic. We were all floored.

  That first hit was so pulverizing that no one needed more. For those of us…

Published on October 13, 2015

For those who know the thrill (and sometimes disappointment) of trying something new, the gamble is only heightened at a cannabis store. That’s why it’s nice to find gems like CEC’s SHO (Solvlentless Hash Oil)--a pale, beautiful concoction that stands out on the shelf. This one combines Sour Amnesia and Sin Min Cookies, hand-mixed and microplaned to ensure amazing moisture balance and overall cleanliness.

  That perfection was evident from the start: Our sample crumbled like a fine pastry (“snickerdoodle”) so fresh and clean, like “a bar of ivory soap, and jar of wax, had a kid.” The cure and dry had been executed with precision. A lilt of lavender hung on the palate, which came out more spicy and creamy-pine as we dabbed.

  The 1st puff got right on top of us, yanked us by the eyelids and sucked us down a vortex. It was a quick little meander through…

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