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Elevations Dispensary's critique for Unknown


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May 24, 2018
San Francisco, CA

A cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud, Grandaddy Purple is a well-known indica your grandfather would approve of. Elevations' selection was even dressed in a viscous earthy essence reminiscent of Sunday brunch with the grandparents. Its dense, frosted foliage intricately covered the flower with clusters of purple, amidst traces of neon green and orange hairs. A sharp, grapefruit aroma further allured the senses and beckoned a grind.  

Slow waves flowed over the body. A gentle invisible hat manifested after about five minutes, providing a steady tingling behind the eyes. The calm and relaxation offered just enough motivation to seek out simple yet engaging forms of entertainment. The physical lethargy, however, escalated, and we pleasantly strolled like zombies.

The potency level was perfect for a relaxing afternoon barbeque or catching up on last season's House of Cards. After the initial head high mellowed, the effects of the strain left us craving good music and any form of unyielding leisure. She was an excellent strain for lighthearted conversation without the trivial burden of life's complications.

GDP's quick cerebral cloud was followed by a steady climb to a more ethereal body high. With very mild psychoactive effects, the body numbed just enough to wash away any tension from a stressful day. The earthy flavor and dragonfruit aroma paired well with a light snack and glass of Malbec. Perhaps the most ideal setting to enjoy this indica is on a sunny porch listening to your grandparents recount tall tales of days past.

Published on May 11, 2016
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