Kenmore Indoor Garden Supply is a Grow Store in Kenmore, Washington on - see weed pics, weed prices, weedmaps, and menus.

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Kenmore Indoor Garden Supply
17455-68th Ave. N.E. Suite:101
Kenmore, Washington 98028
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Kenmore Indoor Garden Supply

Business Hours
10:48 AM -
06:48 PM
10:48 AM -
06:48 PM
10:48 AM -
06:48 PM
09:48 AM -
06:48 PM
10:48 AM -
06:48 PM
10:48 AM -
06:48 PM

About Kenmore Indoor Garden Supply

Kenmore Indoor Garden Supply offers hydroponics and indoor gardening supplies. We specialize in knowing the hydroponic and gardening supplies that growers need. Kenmore Indoor Garden Supply carries everything your retail hydroponics store will need, including: organics, soil, hydroponic drain to waste systems, ebb n flow hydro systems, hydroponic nutrients, grow lights, High Pressure Sodium (HPS) grow light bulbs, Metal Halide (MH) grow light bulbs, grow room CO2 Controllers, grow room lighting controllers, temperature monitors, rockwool & cocoa growing mediums, plant propagation tools for cutting, tray & dome propagation systems, grow light lighting ballasts, lighting timers, and plant pest & disease control items.

First Timers

Daily Specials Digital Deluxe 1000w HPS $65.00

Weekly Special

Eye Hortilux 1000w HPS $90.00

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