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April 25, 2018
San Francisco, CA
Published on November 2, 2014

There’s no better day-time strain than Haze, the quintessential Sativa, known for its uplifting spirit and lilt of tropical citrus. With the distinctly-bred “Tangerine” version, you know that aroma and taste will satisfy, and our sample from Medibis did just that. The bud, although a little feathery (typical of haze) was still dense, perfectly cured, not too wet or dry.
   Right out of the bag the aroma exploded. Immediately we were hit with the organic orange-tangerine aroma, like fresh-squeezed juice. Ground, a spicy, earthy musk was released, but skunky in a good way. “The terps were strong with this one,” one critic wrote.
   Her burn was clean; we attempted at first through bong but after a number of other methods, all preferred the spliff for taste). First hits throttled and warped from the get-go. Slightly cross-eyed for a minute or two, with an electric cloud starting in the…

Published on April 9, 2015

Every now and then, a strain emerges that has you scratching your head - why hasn’t anyone else thought of that? So it is with the nonchalant cross of the popular strains Blueberry and OG Kush; Blue OG is ultimately the match-making cadet’s way of saying, “We finally got those two together.”

 Our specimen came in from Medibis, a quiet and dark bud, ruminating with spice from tiny pine cone clusters. The grind extracted some berry hues, with the musky sweet aroma of bellflowers. The taste was true to blueberry, but dried blueberry at that. We loaded a tall bowl and shared heaping rips - recommended through a giant waterpipe.

 The 1st hit was head-jolting and attention-grabbing--the sort of hit that makes you stop and wait for the grasp on brainstem to work. There was a pleasant body associated, in fact--although the hits were cerebral, the ability to think and…

Published on October 13, 2015

It used to be that Super Lemon Haze was so common that you could expect to see it on the shelf no matter the dispensary. The market has diversified to an extent, but there’s a reason that this veteran strain hung on for so long as a staple standard, and still holds that label in parts of the country. When grown correctly, it makes for the perfect daytime go-to. But with such widespread availability, it’s best to buy from an outfit that knows and maintains the strain especially well.

  One great source for the SLH is Medibis in Colorado Springs, whose specimen, although fluffy, was actually meaty bud with huge calyxes. Connoisseurs will enjoy the sugary, organic creaminess, almost like a gumdrop, with a hint of Limonene. The classical haze aroma bloomed as we cracked open the nugget, but the real surprise came as the essence erupted upon grinding. It…

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