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Pure Marijuana Dispensary - Bannock's critique for Papaya CO2 Oil


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April 26, 2018
San Francisco, CA

When it comes to perfecting the difficult process of CO2 extraction, there are only a few ways to do it right, and many ways to get it wrong. With their tongue-stunning Papaya CO2 extract, it's safe to say that Colorado Cannabis Company has perfected the method.

This sample came from Pure Marijuana Dispensary, and a golden oil flowed brilliantly from the syringe like dripping honeycomb in summer. The viscosity was far less than other CO2 extracts we've sampled; this is as close to pure THC oil as you can get. True to its name, Papaya’s sweet aroma of golden syrup and papaya honey sticks snagged our tastebuds as we poured out a pea-sized drop to feast upon.

The second that Papaya hit the molten surface, a cloud of haze transformed the team into newbies, sprawling for balance. Like a shooting star to the brain, a jolt of levity accompanied the head as it completely disconnected from body, but in the glorious sense. We reeled backwards, overcome by a groovy vertigo, but without the dizziness.

For the creative type, this stupefying dab is all you’ll need to energize your artistic visions. Although the body high was tremendous and indica in nature, the mental exhilaration was more reminiscent of a high-powered sativa like Grapefruit or Strawberry Cough.

After 30 minutes of letting Papaya’s effects soak in, all we could think about was chowing down on gummy worms and cherry Slurpees. For the next two hours, the calming body-buzz and lucid psychedelia left us critics neck-deep in salted caramels, Netflix stoner comedies and   a mad stroll for fresh air in Wonderland. If you feel like climbing a mountain, Papaya CO2 is your Mt. Everest.

Published on May 11, 2016
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