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 “It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.” – So Romeo describes his chimerical beauty. He may as well have been assessing a rare but locally prevalent hybrid by the same moniker. After all, Juliet’s cross-country union of NYC Diesel and Cinderella 99 is unorthodox as a Montague romancing a Capulet on the streets of Verona. Thankfully, the bud by any other name would still smell sweet, pine and hoppy. Ours arrived from The Green House with unbelievable sugar cover, bengal-orange hairs, and sticky grind.

   Her introduction was a was a real head-shaker. The blast was bright and gave several of us jitters. But it wasn’t overwhelming. A mild but pleasurable cerebral buzz ensued at quick pace, calming the spirits. Were we heading in to work, we may have stopped there–but we had to continue for the sake of science. Further dosage proved powerful. Our 2nd hit prolonged the twitching muscle movements and disabled our overall ability to stand straight. With a third puff, it was the inability to see straight.

   Juliet’s sudden sinking was both physical and mental, as the strain struck a magnificent compromise between cerebral and psychedelic. Even after 10 minutes, the growing head high had become paramount. This became the hallmark of our experience, somewhat forgetful, loss of muscle control, hyper, self-absorbed and a little paranoid in large amounts.

   Critics noted a variety of effects, including enhanced senses, and difficulty with syntax. Physically, the body was almost completely numb. The combination impaired timing and depth perception, and inspired introspection. Social interaction was awkward. With such a cloudy heads, we were surprised by intermittent periods of clarity and focus, but they didn’t last. Nearly all of us became glassy-eyed and made clumsy mistakes.

   Like a bad culprit, Juliet will fill the house with the rank stench of a sour armpit; you’ll turn heads if you walk around with her stashed in a pocket. That makes her an at-home sativa, where the broad and intense high can leave a true mark. One critic claimed it was best to “chill” after dinner, “when you can unleash the belt buckle in preparation for heaping desserts.” We still felt this one up to four hours later; low dosage is recommended for daytime use to prevent burn-out.

Published on December 15, 2013
Juliet from Green House

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