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The Green Solution - Northglenn's critique for Unknown


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June 23, 2018
San Francisco, CA

An exclusive Hollywood family can be like the glamorous marriage of acclaimed cannabis, especially when it carries the clout of actual cup-winners. Fans worldwide wait not only for the chance to sample the strain when it pops up locally–but they’re even more excited to see the offspring’s accomplishments and beauty, traits from such refined and celebrated parents.

   Super Lemon Haze is a classic cup strain, a child of two winners: Super Silver Haze, an analogousLloyd Bridges to Lemon Skunk’s Dorothy. Their offspring has been a successful bloomer, renowned and showered with honors for its narcotic durability and indisputable potency. We studied a tight little specimen from The Green Solution, with red hairs like Christmas and a bright lemon spice grind.

   Known for its energizing powers, our critics decided to review the strain at different times of the day. Even at 11:30 PM, the bud was galvanizing. The first wave was very loose with a creeping laid-back relaxation, good for conversation. A nice fog settled in, inquisitive and philosophical, but nothing groovy. The later it was smoked, the greater the chance for extended zone-out. Distractions doubled with noise.

   Panic-prone patients beware: something about the strain’s nose-tingling, cross-eyed high can bring doubts and fears into focus. When a high-strung person is stressed, SLH has the potential to only exacerbate the tension. Mindful dosing is the real answer. Although a cosmic “Neverland” was never reached, the creeping cerebral high and vibrations throughout the core were only workable in smaller doses spread throughout the day.

   Munchies resulted in fig newtons and ice cream. An hour after medicating, a few reviewers still noted hiccups in syntax and prolonged emotional numbness. Personal planning and awareness remained strong, and, dosed well, the strain was appropriate for everyday routines. SLH is not weekend party strain for letting the hair down. Critics voted it more resembled a 5pm soccer practice strain, when you can watch your kid from the side lines with a beer and book in hand.



Published on December 15, 2013
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