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Trenchtown dispensary recently launched, doing its best to transport us highlanders to the low-lying wellspring of Jamaican culture. And with the Wailers kicking off their latest tour just days ago in our neck of the woods, it seemed only appropriate to see if the local med selection lived up to the moniker. Our critics agreed: although we can’t issue a Jamaican Order of Merit, we certainly concede these growers deserve it.

   They proved it with their exquisitely aromatic Triple Sour Diesel. Its combination of Sour and NYC Diesels produced the expected Diesel-heavy notes with a slight citrus-chem of OG Kush thrown in. The bud was bright green with thick calyxes and velvety, rosewood-colored pistils. Passionately grown, the selection had been admirably pushed to the end of its cycle, well-flushed, and cured. It was even sticky.

   The first hit was strong and massively cerebral, powerful and focused. Although energizing, there was no disguising its effects. The body became vibrant. It was a little tougher to socialize, recall names or phone numbers. But we were light on the feet. It was just enough for day-to-day functionality.

   Although 1 puff wasn’t the fun, impairing madness we were expecting, it was a true medical dose. Our limbs were numb; all but the worst of neck pains disappeared momentarily. Especially from the waist-down. We were satisfied with the overall problem-solving clarity and enjoyed a creative connection. The strain crept, but rapidly.

   With a second dose came dumb mistakes, lost control, confusion and tremors. It was not for the faint-hearted. Emotional and psychedelic, we became terribly forgetful and made awful blunders. Great for crazy movies, you might even prefer grooved rifts from the stoniest of bands. We found ourselves listening to the Velvet Underground, Daft Punk and Röyksopp.

   Over time, the narcotic body grew into a broad and lulling buzz. The whole TSD experience lasted a generous 3-4 hours, and was very unproductive by the end. A gamer or writer’s choice, it tended towards obsessive compulsive with prevalent munchies even by the first hour. Collectively, we were in the mood to listen and learn, just not to move.

   Trenchtown’s Triple Sour Diesel is a magnificent inaugural release. If their future generations continue at this quality, we can’t wait to see them participate in upcoming cannabis cups.

Published on December 15, 2013
Triple Sour Diesel from Trenchtown Dispensary

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