With the Cannapages cannabis business directory you can find a medical marijuana or recreational marijuana dispensary, hydroponics, a smoke shop, marijuana strains, marijuana news; even find hash and other products near by!

CANNAPAGES.COM is a cutting-edge information company, grounded in industry experience, market research, technological prowess, and ideation. Cannapages helps businesses connect to consumers through three main conduits: comprehensive online directory, quarterly local printed phone book, and community involvement through sponsorship, company events and social media. We believe all three mediums must work in tandem to have the greatest reach, and the best ability to meet consumers where they stand across the board within an already-niche industry.

Cannapages.com launched in 2009 and has been an integral part of the “scene” ever since. Our branded community, the “CannaCadets,” number over 5000 in direct reach, and several thousands more through social media. The coupon-packed Cannapages quarterly directory, first published in January of 2014 with the advent of the commercial recreational market, is now distributed in two major markets: Denver/Boulder, and Southern Colorado (Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and surrounding areas).

The Cannapages Executive Team

The Cannapages executive team has managed dispensaries, industrial grows, and IT departments--and have designed the Cannapages marketing platform with one goal in mind: to bring customer traffic through the door. The experiences we’ve gained along the way over the last half-decade have shaped our approach to “new cannabis” as we introduce revolutionary systems, market analysis, and ideation into an economy that has existed for several millennia.

CEO/Business Manager - Nathan Johnson

Nathan Johnson, CEO, is responsible for Cannapages’ signature retro look. Nathan holds a Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing, and he recently left a position as GM at Buddies Wellness in Denver to launch the Southern California Cannapages office. His portfolio not only boasts logos, website conceptualization and print design; but also industry advertising strategies for several Colorado clients and strategic partners.

COO/Editor-in-Chief - Micah Johnson

Micah Johnson, COO, has formerly managed a pair of busy Denver dispensaries, and his advice columns on cannabis branding has been published in both online and print versions of the Marijuana Business Daily. He was also a keynote speaker at the first National Marijuana Business Conference (November 2012). He currently serves as Editor in Chief for both print and online versions of Cannapages.

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