With the Cannapages cannabis business directory you can find a medical marijuana or recreational marijuana dispensary, hydroponics, a smoke shop, marijuana strains, marijuana news; even find hash and other products near by!

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Cannapages is designed and edited by seasoned dispensary and cannabis industry professionals. We specialize in the marketing and presentation of cannabis and related products, with a unique insight into business and reader response. Our solutions not only place you at the forefront of reconized brands in the industry, but establish that brand apart from others in an oft-saturated market.

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CannaDirect Mail Marketing Services

Since 2009, the Cannapages editors have researched and developed a national cannabis business directory that catalogs dispensaries, medical marijuana doctors, grow stores, smoke shops, and many other new trades. We have streamlined the process of verifying industry listings so that you don’t have to spend countless hours reinventing the wheel. Now you can use the official Cannapages cannabis business database to succeed with you direct mailing campaign.


  • Compare 4.4% response rate for B-2-B direct mailing, compared to just .12% from the average email campaign.
  • Direct mailings have longer “Shelf Life” and are more targeted and accurate than most email lists.
  • Direct mail campaigns can be cheaper than convention booths or media advertising, yet broader in impact.
  • The Online Marketing Institute reports that 65% of consumers--all ages--have “made a purchase as a result of direct mail.”

The CannaDirect List is Utilized by Cannabis Technology Group

Ralph "Edible" Warning Sticker

Use “Ralph” stickers to help prevent unintended consumption by children or non-patients, and preserve the freedom to buy, sell, and use edibles. The Ralph(TM) Sticker can be put directly on products or given to customers (like Mr. Yuk, it can also be placed on actual poisonous household items to teach children safety). Together we can demonstrate that we’re making every effort to keep non-users safe, while keeping edibles on the shelves.

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CannaBranding Product Development

With Cannabis, a product’s name and appearance really count. All signature products need keep components like unique branding and eye-catching advertising. Our artists turn your visions and sketches into memorable designs, each with a completely customized style. We can even create en entire “limited collection” featuring your garden’s harvests, like a line of fine wine labels. Put the brand in ads, on shirts, on fancy labels or jars. The possibilities are endless when you have our full-scale file package with all graphics and multimedia formats.

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