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Your Guide to the Highlands

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Cannatown is a quaint and quiet town built upon the confluence of the mighty IcyBong and Resinald Rivers, amidst the misty foothills of the Highlands. It was originally founded by J. Van Cannaby the first, who had wandered into the river valley while panning for bowls. Upon finding himself in the lush pastures with sparkling flower, he quickly made a hearth to spark great heaps in a mighty bonfire for himself and his posse -- and, as legend goes, exclaimed "Eureka" or, "I have found it!" Today the J. Van Cannaby name still remains atop the city Seal, and, as demanded in his dying will and testament, every Mayor since has been a direct descendent. 

Hikers, thrill-seekers and others journeying into the Highlands herald Cannatown as the gateway to some of the most beautiful country on this earth, beginning with rolling pastures of cannabis crops on all sides. Cannatown is buffered by a circle of neighboring townships, villages and suburbs, such as Spliffington Falls and Hash Creek, or the lowlands of Shwagsbury and Steem’s Point, in the harsher nearby terrains.

The city’s main economic staple is Cannabis. Households pay into the public utility for monthly supply of cannabis and smakeables sourced from the city’s public gardens -- a gigantic operation which employs just over half the city’s residents. Another 30% work in the private cannabis industry, tending private gardens, small local boutiques for travelers to the Highlands, Highlands trinkets and baubles, schools and training (such as the renowned Cannatown University), or even museums and strain-centric emporiums, as in the case of regular Dispatches columnist and owner of Purp’s Purp, Bertrand DePurp. At least 2% are involved in mining, which includes refining and processing of scraped Highlands resin in some of the city’s most depraved industrial areas.


Dispatches from the Highlands, the city’s sole periodical, was the Cannatown Register from its founding in 1879 until about 1928, when a managing editor noticed that “Register” was added in error to the newspaper registration form by an early, high intern. Always the public forum for an old-school population, the paper has reported on some of the most hard-hitting stories of our time, such as: 

  • Steam-powered bongs not just a fad
  • Cannatown’s epic Hash Oil spill of ‘86
  • Your neighbor may be a robot 
  • In-Depth Study: Is the Cheeseburger worth another overdraft fee?

The Dispatches family is proud to present completely unique content -- a cannacopia of squibs, lifestyle columns, reviews and deals from across the globe. The publication is written and edited by a mostly-ripped team of writers headquartered in the heart of Cannatown, and assisted by their old friends, the columnists of CANNAPAGES including:

  • Recipes by Cousin D - Dan Henrickson, long-time friend of CANNAPAGES and chef at Caitlin's in Denver, has been writing his signature recipe column since the very beginning.
  • Album Notes - New albums, old albums -- they’re all game as music editor Matt Erickson takes on the soundtrack to your chill.
  • Rubio's Recommendations - Resident grow columnist John Rubio brings over 20 years of growing experience to the table. For over five years, he’s been teaching his techniques on both hydroponic and soil grows, for both indoor and outdoor environments. 
  • The High’r Side - Co-produced with our partners at ComicAd, this take on the higher side of life in Cannatown can be found only in CANNAPAGES - see past comics HERE.

You can read the stories from Dispatches in every bi-monthly installment of CANNAPAGES -- or find the most updated stories on our Dispatches Page.


Cannapages publishes an estimated 10 million coupons every issue -- and that's in print alone! Our signature 5-special coupon pages make it easy to find the deal that suits you. Find those closest to you HERE

Did you know? The CANNAPAGES editors were calling dispensaries for deals and posting them online as early as our launch in January 2010! Back then, to ask about deals usually threw people off, a fairly unfamiliar concept. It wasn't long before Westword Magazine, and a whole myriad of now-defunct sites popped up like MMJ Daily Deals, Connect2Cannabis and others, all doing the same thing. You, our readers, are part of our history too, as users of the first CANNASaver™ Coupons. 

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