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AK-49 Auto

Dominance ruderalis/indica/sativa

Bio The AK-49 Auto is the Vision Seeds auto-flowering variant of one of the most powerful strains ever. This cross between the AK-49 and Lowryder has resulted is a strong stable auto-flowering strain in which all the desired characteristics of the AK-49 are retained. The AK-49 Auto produces resinous marijuana plants with compact buds full of hair and glistening trichomes. It has a spicy scent bordering on Skunk and a sweet fresh taste and her potency equals that of the AK-49 itself she has a strong psychoactive impact bringing about a euphoric and very stimulating high.By introducing the Lowryder auto flower genes to the AK-49 Vision Seeds now has a proud and powerful auto flowering strain which can practically be grown anywhere. The AK-49 Auto is suitable for indoors outdoors greenhouse and hydro culture. Passing directly from seedling to the flowering stage the AK-49 Auto practically does away with the vegetative growth stage in a process called auto flowering hence the name. In other words when planted it sprouts grows a couple sets of leaves then immediately and automatically begins flowering.For the best results the AK-49 Auto needs space in which her roots can develop freely we advise you to use pots of at least 10 litres. Keep in mind when choosing a location and your grow-equipment that the AK-49 Auto gives of a strong pungent odour.The AK-49 Auto is one of the most potent auto-flowering strains currently available on the market and under the right conditions also has the potential to produce drastically higher yields then your average other auto-flowering strain.Strain Origin: AK-49 x LowryderStrain Genetics: Mostly Sativa Indica and RuderalisTHC Level: +/- 20%Average Height: 50 - 70 cmAverage Yield: 30 - 50gr per plantFlowering time: +/- 9 weeksHigh Experience: Strong psychoactive impact euphoric and stimulating effect

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