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Brainstorm Haze

Flowering Time ~77 days

Dominance mostly sativa

Bio Variety Mother: Pure Thai Haze breeding stockVariety Father: Stargazer (Sensi Star x Warlock x AK47)Growth Factors: Indoor in a controllable flowering environment for 10-12 weeks to complete flowering cycle. Can be grown outdoors however warmer climates and a southern latitude facilitates proper completion.All new strains are developed in soil exclusively at Delta-9 Labs. This strain however will have increased yield and perhaps a shorter flowering time if grown hydroponically.The plant grows tall and creates many long side brances allowing for less plants to be grown in a room allowing for optimized plant growth and yield.Gauno fertilizers of high nitrogen keep this variety rich green throughout it’s growing period.In a heat stress test experiment this variety continued to thrive over others tested.The average flowering time is between 10-12 weeks depending if grown in soil or through hydro methods.The average height of the plant varies depending on how long the plant is allowed vegetative growth however the plant grows at least twice it’s height when put into flowering within the first 3 weeks.Average Yield: This variety has a tremendous yield even when grown in the smallest of closets. An average room size with proper ventilation and lighting will give you a minimum of 50-75 grams per plant with the plant being no taller than 1.5 meters.The plant stretches significantly within the first 2 weeks. The buds are light and airy while they are filling in for about 5-8 weeks and then in the last 3 weeks they get very hard and dense. The calayxes swell up and become tight.The leaves are long like typical sativa plants however they are not as thin. They are narrower than a typical indica plant so the end result is a broad elongated leaf blabe.Regardless of the stretching once the buds start to fill in the plant stops growing any taller. It looks more like a tree with many branches and leaves rather than a bush.With proper prevention needed with any strain using Neem oil as our biological pest control we have found this strain to be bug resistant and very resilient to any conditions throughout growing. It prefers the hotter environments than the cold.The high is very clear headed and uplifting. It has a creeper effect of about 10 minutes and the high is maintained very clear even during a period of work. Creativity and conversing skills flow easily.This strain in 1 word: Motivating! The heartbeat rises with this strain creating a “get up and go attitude.” From the first few minutes you want to change your state of being and get things done.Since this variety is very clear headed and uplifting in a motivating way I would recommend this variety for any sort of activities.When compared side by side to the Dutch national medical cannabis variety Bedrocan the resin glands have a very similar appearance and texture.The smell is very hazey. In fact the moment you ignite the bud the smell lingers throughout the room in seconds in a very thick white cloud of sweet smelling smoke. C. This variety has been developed during the past 3.5 years and is the latest creation from Delta-9 Labs. It has not yet been entered in any competition thus far.The name Brainstorm Haze came to exist when the employess were completing a lunch break at the labs and Harry said to the crew Hey we need to have a smoke before we start work again and also brainstorm on a name for the new Thai cross being tested at the time. Our employee Jake said “Hey that sounds interesting what you just said Harry the word brainstorm”. Since we always chat and share ideas together during our lunch break how about calling the new strain Brainstorm Haze? We all looked up with excitement and said that’s an unusual but fitting name indeed.Tips for other growers: In our growing stage nursery we like to alternate from a high nutrient tea mixture to a pure water supply in our reservoir. Many mother plants are top dressed with a well-balanced guano powder to maintain the extra food required for such large plants. The pure water helps break down the guano powder as well as refresh the plants with fresh clean water allowing any residual nutrients to break loss and help get absorbed into the root system before the next feeding.

Origins indoor

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King Canna Cup:

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