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Cindy's Bubbles

Flowering Time ~54 days

Dominance mostly sativa

Bio Cindy's Bubbles is the soon to be available (late 2011) highly anticipated champagne cross of Crazy Diamonds Seed Co.Great care and attention has been invested in her development. We have tried to perfect a strain that offers not only a scant 50 days to flowering but above average yields of crystal covered buds reeking of tropical fruit aroma.Cindy's Bubbles made her auspicious debut at the Treating Yourself Expo in Toronto 1n June 2011. She is a 65/35 Sativa/Indica hybrid of the extremely high flower/leaf ratio outrageous resin producing Cinderella 99 and the rich smooth tasting large bud powerful easy growing Bubbleberry.Crazy Diamonds Seeds is truly excited to finally offer medicinal cannabis consumers a magnificent strain which produces a slightly hazy energetic happy pain and stress relieving high.Grower Reviews: “Looking Good. 50 days is awesome!!”“Your plants always look perfect”“DAMN... that is gonna be a KILLER cross right on and good luck.”“Man oh man is she a chunker... haha”“She is a really hairy bitch”“She’s a beaut!”“Looks like some frosty covered goodness! Best of luck I think ya got a winner by the looks of her...”Smoke Reviews“ohh yeah..this one makes me tingle”“Today I’m smoking a very nice sample from the Strain Fairy... Cindy’s BubblesAhhh..smells like heaven... very pungent blueberry aroma... I wanna eat it not smoke it…at first glance it is covered in trich’s and busted up the armoma is a lot like purple Sweet tarts candy-berry with a slight sourness...flick my bic and first bowl through - YUM... Flav is subtle and not overpowering - but enough for me to say - that tastes good... mmmmmm... the taste is sweet with earthy (NOT DIRT) and floral tones - a pleasure to smoke... the high onset is quick…very even balanced head/body with a little brain haze in there... a delicious offering from Crazy Diamonds Seed Co... very very nice indeed... thank You”Expected Results:Flowering: 50-57 days Height: 1 meterYield: 325-375 gm/m2

Origins indoor

Medical and Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries

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