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Flowering Time ~58 days

Dominance indica/sativa

Bio At last we have a variety dedicated to our land of adoption Andalusia. Faraona brings all the flavor and strength of Southern Spain to your palate. That is because Faraona has been developed from original seeds selected from varieties developed and donated by Andalusian growers. Most of them have been grown according to ecological farming. The “mixture” is a secret because they are varieties coming from “family” crosses and not from commercial varieties.Faraona is a very stable variety and if you grow a few seeds at the same time you will see that they look like clones among them. This plant is a big producer of compact flowers and abundant harvests.It is necessary to control the vegetative growth from the beginning due to its speed and tendency to increase. This parameter can be controlled by the distance to light (always less than 40 cm) together with small doses of EC during vegetative growth. Meanwhile the plant will offset this circumstance with a mass production of flowers covered by a dense resin along the stem that form compact buds like bottles of wine. Lower branches and central buds must be underpinned to avoid breakages caused by the weight of flowers. However and beside these recommendations you must know that Faraona is a strong and tough plant. Easy to grow it endures all sorts of plagues and cultivation systems optimizing its potential if you keep EC under 2.2 during the flowering period.It has a classic structure with a fir shape. Outdoors lower branches reach a considerable size and produce a great amount of flowers developing compact and resinous buds.The effect is mostly relaxing although it also causes short euphoric moments resulting in instants of “hysterical laughter”. Faraona psychoactive levels are quite high and may lead to psychedelic effects. THC and CBD levels are pretty high too. This is a big resin producer and the extraction of its resin with ice-o- lator produces an outstanding quality hash.Faraona flavor is a mixture of coffee and a fresh pine nuances. The end taste is even similar to OG Kush. This is an “old-school” flavor that will bring you back lots of good memories. But Faraona goes further away and has such an original and characteristic flavor that you will have to try it to know what we are talking about.Vegetative cycle: 15 daysFlowering cycle: 55-60 daysMedium height: + 150 cmProduction: 400 gr/m2Harvest: beginning OctoberMedium height: + 250 cmProduction: 400 gr/piantaTHC: 20%

Origins indoor


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1620 E. Michigan Ave.
Jackson, MI 49201
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