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Fruit Automatic

Dominance ruderalis/indica/sativa

Bio Grapefruit is a very pretty plant with splendid autumn shades. It is very productive has a great flavour and convincing effect; anyone would love to have it in their garden. That means us too! So we decided to start a new automatic strain of Grapefruit that would allow us to enjoy a fruity taste in the middle of summer without too many complications. The result is our Fruit Automatic an automatic strain that includes Grapefruit genetics in order to achieve more flavour resin and production as well as a more intense effect. In addition it is larger than other automatics and flowers in only 60 days after germination takes place -65 at the most- producing abundant sweet-smelling resin dense plants with thick Indica leaves and buds as sticky as honey. It seems to produce the strange tendency among humans to want to smell them up close. We believe this is due to the fact that the combination of thick glittering crystals of resin and the smell that this plant emits makes it irresistable to cannabis cultivators and enthusiasts. It is a variety that stands cold weather fairly well so we recommend planting towards the last week of May in order to harvest the last week of July and in this way achieve unbeatable results.Flowering at 20 hours: 60-65 daysOutdoor harvests: from April to October.THC: Medium (6% - 12%)CBD: HighProduction: From 20 to 50 grHeight: In soil from 30 to 85 cm. In hydroculture up to 100 cmComposition: Ruderalis 25% Indica 55% Sativa 20%Genotype: (Lowrider#1 x Dinafem #1) x Grapefruit

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