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Flowering Time ~65 days

Dominance mostly indica

Bio This hybrid is 75% G13 clone. The first such offering ever yet retains its Ghaze denomination because pollen was sourced from two special recombinant Ghaze inbred lines rather than using a plain F1 male. This detour from standard backcrossing techniques allowed for more precise trait selection to be conveyed back to the G13 clone thus raising the ante in power resin yield and taste.In blind tests with experienced smokers Ghaze Bx1 was chosen over plain G13 for raw power high complexity duration and intriguing acrid greasy lemony taste. Ghaze Bx1 buds are abundant and quite dense considering the sativa leanings of the G13 phenotype with a uniform cover of milky trichomes and brick red pistils. Its characteristic smell is pungently acrid like industrial oil or paint although gently squeezing the bud will reveal lemony and rotten grape notes. Smooth smoke with a hashy taste one tester described as "citrus-flavored motor grease wrapped in cellophane".The mother of this cross has less Indica traits than other alleged G-13 clones (slender leaves in a taller plant less odoriferous and longer flowering) and judging from the instability revealed when inbreeding its offspring the clone is itself a hybrid. G-13 myth and speculation aside it is extremely potent and hard-hitting surprisingly so for an otherwise low-profile plant.The high is overpowering and its effect sudden: it paralyzes the mind sending it out on an amnesic trippy whirlwind that lasts for 4+ hours. Some very experienced indica-lovers have refused to smoke G-13 a second time after being unable to recall behavior or words uttered while under its effects.On the other end of the spectrum the Über Candy Haze was selected as a pollen source to contribute its acid-like quality and create a powerhouse. Our G13 clone met the best male out of many Candy Haze seedlings selection criteria being short internodal length and early profuse flowering traits to contribute its acid-like power for an explosive hybrid.With over 75% G-13 genetics Ghaze Bx1 brings together in a seedline two of the most powerful strains we have grown a genetic goldmine representing opposite ends of the cannabis spectrum. We encourage experienced growers to look into this Ghaze a clash of the titans resulting in a most powerful and complex high.Specifications: ~ Flower: 60 - 70 days ~ Yield: 400 - 450 grams/m² ~ Type: Mostly Indica ~ (10 seeds)Lineage: G13 and Über Candy Haze

Origins indoor

Medical and Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries

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