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Huckleberry Kush

Flowering Time ~56 days

Dominance mostly indica

Bio The mother of the Huckleberry Kush is an Oregon Afghani clone that dates back to the early 80s... High in CBDs this mom is of great worth to medical patients... She is a true breeder that has linked up with the Oregon Huckleberry male quit well.. The Oregon Huckleberry Male is a product of an ongoing 4 year inbreeding project involving the Oregon Blueberry(clone from the 80smany say was a vital link in DjShort's BB line)... When visiting Amsterdam in early 2000s I found what I thought would be a great match for the OR BB and it was Barney's 2002 HTCC winner Morning Glory.. At the time Morning Glory was Santa Maria x Afgan.. it has since changed... the current version is not even close to the same....The huckleberry male was selected based upon recessive Oregon Blueberry traits which are dominant in the HK offspring.... the big difference is the stability and Oregon Huckleberry is much more stable than any blueberry line I've ever grown.Huckleberry Kush is another potent medical masterpiece!! Pheno#1 is leaning more towards Huckleberry and will display slightly "pointy" tops on buds.. Hairs will tend to be more spindly on this pheno.. a bit more huckleberry smell/taste .Pheno#2 is leaning towards the Oregon Afghani but is still dominated by the father... The tops will be a bit more "blunt" and the hairs will be standing on end in straight lines... a bit more earthy kush smell/taste but the huckleberry essence cuts thru in almost every plant..All other phenos observed were slight variations of the above descriptions. Expect the following throughout the gene pool:* White Strain.. covered with trichs makes it great for hash* High THC and CBD...functional medicine with great pain relief* Kush "pole plant" structure minimal branching* Easy to grow plants can handle fair amount of stress without harm* Dense buds harvest on time or beware of mould!!* 8 week bloom time* Good for Sog...but not as good for scrog though* Expect these slight variations:* Smell/taste...... more/less huckleberry/kush depending on pheno* Stretch ...... between .75-1x * yield ....... some buds will grow "outward" more = more yield* Veg time... slightly longer veg time required on some plantsIndica DominantBloom Length: 8 weeksStretch: .75-1xResin Profile: Copious ResinOdour Score: 8Odour Description: huckleberries/sweet-n-sour fruit/kush/earthyFlavour Score: 8Flavour Description: huckleberry/kush/sour fruit/earthyPotency Score: 9High Type: mind-tingling/spiritual/relaxing

Origins indoor

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