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Iron Cindy

Flowering Time ~63 days

Dominance indica/sativa

Bio This is a poor mans’ Haze for sure with a relatively fast (9 weeks) flowering time indoors. Most real Haze will go for upwards of 16 weeks indoors. The Metal Haze female used in this cross dominates this hybrid for sure and lends a true spacey side with some extra intensity potency-wise. The Iron Cindy delivers a very close version of a true Haze high at only 9 weeks which rocks if you ask me; or Greenman420. He and I both agree that we like the Iron Cindy even more than the straight up Metal Haze. Get them while they last mi amigos! Truly a connoisseur variety and highly unique.Extremely stinky growing drying curing and carrying. Very Haze-like with that “cat piss” side to the smells; flavors are spot on Haze I think. Make sure and cure this one for at least two weeks after drying for the most superb version of her flavors smells and potency.Coastal outdoor growers or those outdoor growers that battle mold issues should likely not select this hybrid or any Cinderella 99 pure or crosses due to her well known weakness to molds. Inland and in dryer climates this one will be fine.

Origins indoor

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