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Flowering Time ~53 days

Dominance indica

Bio We have been working on this variety for a very long time. This is a mixture of the best Indica varieties in our mother’s room. The goal was not only to look for a variety with a fast flowering cycle but also to take advantage of this Molotov cocktail hybrid vigor. This plant meets the best characteristics of the varieties included in Kannabia catalogue: fast productive and easy to grow. Our Karamelo develops all its potential outdoors because although it exceeds 2 meters high of pure buds you can harvest it in mid-late September. During our tests some specimens were ready in over 6 weeks although 7 weeks will be more convenient for a proper ripening of every trichome. Buds are thick and spongy but they harden like rocks over the last weeks of the life cycle. Flowers give off a penetrating smell of coffee since the very first weeks of flowering.It is not advisable to saturate Karamelo roots with fertilizers because the plant growth is constant. For a controlled indoor growth let the plants grow for no less than 15 days after germination (under 18 hour photoperiod and an EC during growth never over 1.4. In hydroponic systems EC can reach 1.6).The structure is typical of Indica varieties: big central bud and a big amount of side branches ideal for in- door growing. Internodal distance is small and the calyx-leaf relationship is good producing easy-to- manicure flowers. Karamelo endures high temperatures and long droughts very well. It is very resistant to insect plagues and fungus attacks.One of the most outstanding qualities of this variety is ripening speed. In just a few days trichomes will turn from transparent to milky-white and shortly after they will change into a café-au-lait tone similar to coffee with milk. This is a sign of complete ripening. The flavor is very sweet with a sugary aftertaste like candy.This variety psychoactivity is quite high as well as THC and CBD levels enough to lead to relaxing and antidepressant moods. For this reason it has medicinal properties according to some growers.Karamelo produces a good hash although its ice-o -lator is too tempting a sweet.Vegetative cycle: 15 daysFlowering cycle: 50-55 daysMedium height: + 120 cmProduction: 300 gr/m2Harvest: end SeptemberMedium height: + 200 cmProduction: 400 gr/piantaTHC: 20%

Origins indoor

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King Canna Cup:

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