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KC 45

Dominance ruderalis/sativa

Bio The KC-45 is an unusual variety among the many selections on the market due to her partial ruderalis heritage. Ruderalis is a distinct Russian subspecies of cannabis whose most notable characteristic is autoflowering. Unlike indica and sativa strains ruderalis is not triggered into flowering based on the number of hours of darkness. Ruderalis begins flowering automatically after growing to a certain age even outdoors in her native Russia. KC's ruderalis-sativa hybrid K.C. 45 bounces back from stress conditions and can perform in cloudy weather due to its ruderalis mother's minimal need for externally triggered flowering. Meanwhile its sativa father ensures a strong euphoric high.While KC-45 can be grown under lights it is more appropriate for outdoor gardens. This multi-branched plant grows best in soil especially with an organic fertilizing program. Once it roots KC-45 will grow to a nearly 7-foot-tall Christmas tree whose impressively long branches remain bare of leaves near the stem but support meter-long colas. In outdoor environments this plant will ripen by September 15; indoors it takes 8-10 weeks to finish flowering.Indoor plants are very high yielders and outdoor yields can weigh in at over 3 pounds per plant. The buds that form are long and cylindrical. The colas are compact but not tight because the individual flowers that make up the cola are slender rather than plump.The smell from this plant is localized but will burst with a strong lemon odor when touched. When smoked the KC-45 high comes on rapid and strong. It retains the uplifting stone of its Brazilian sativa parentage but modified a bit by the ruderalis making this smoke less hyper than a pure sativa. The result is an energetic yet calm and settling high well suited to gardening hiking or leisurely sports. Medicinally this variety has provided relief to some migraine sufferers and also is good for any condition which causes lethrgy as it can improve energy levels.50% Sativa / 50% RuderalisOrigins: Russian Ruderalis x Brazilian SativaFlowering: 56-70 daysHarvest: Mid September

Origins indoor

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