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Flowering Time ~56 days

Dominance mostly indica

Bio The mother of the mochalope is a very old Afghani clone that has been past down through several generations.The first time I tried the Oregon Afghani was in 1996 when I arrived to the state. She tastes of earthy/coffee/kush and extremely potent with a narcotic effect that will topple the biggest tolerance. She is also very stable and has proven to help stabilize offspring out of the several crosses that I've used her for thus making her an ideal canna-date for the males in the stable.The father was chosen for his sativa vigor and taste/smell. It took three packs of DNA chcolope to find a worthy male that had a good enough structure for this cross. I bloomed this male all the way out and it was very similar to the female Chocolope I'm currently growing which has a fruity/chocolate smell and taste. The main goal with this project is to get the best out of both plants while making a unique new strain that has great taste and useful medical qualities. To be honest I'm enjoying this strain as much as both of the others but it grows faster than the slow "kush" growth rate of the afghani and is much more controllable than the chocolope(with a higher potency as well). This is a work in progress so you can expect to see this line become more refined.Expect all phenos to be very dense with buds and high bud to leaf ration. The Afghani is the parent that has come through most on all of the test plants This strain is easy to grow and very east to trim just make sure she gets plenty of fresh air because her buds are so dense they could be prone to mould in stagnant conditions. The buds cure up to be super dense rock hard buds. I use scissors or grinder to make the smoking experience more pleasurable. All phenos have also exibited a chocolate/coffe smell and the taller chocolope phenos had a little more fruitiness to the short ones. The high will not vary too much because of dominant the Oregon Afghani came through in the Mochalope. NOTE: These seeds have extremely hard shells to them(due to the Afghani lineage). Although I did have 100% on my last germination with these just be ready to maybe pry a seed shell off of a seedling.. phenos #1 and #2 look almost identical and both display a heavy indica side like their mother. These 2 phenos had cloudy trichomes at 50 days bloom but were pushed longer than that to get more of a body high. I did see a sterile nanners pop out on #1 pheno three days before harvest but this is because I over-ripened her by two weeks(she was pretty much done at 7wk and I let her go 9wk).pheno #3 is very similar to the other phenos but has a bit more height to her. She has a bit faster veg time but same bloom time as the rest. This pheno had more fruit to her than the others but still had a great coffee/cocoa smell to her.Flowering time: 7-9 weeks on all phenos (havest later for heavier body high but can be harvested as early as 50 days)Stretch: .75-1xResin Profile: Copious ResinOdour Score: 6Odour: cocoa dusted espresso beans with a hint of fruitFlavour Score: 8Flavour: earthy coffee chocolate fruit.Potency Score: 8High: Mostly body

Origins indoor

King Canna Cup:

King Canna Cup:

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