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Nam Black

Flowering Time ~70 days

Dominance sativa

Bio I had the good fortune to get some VietNamese (aka Nam Black) seeds to grow out. These babies are pure SATIVA:Seeds were soaked in H20 overnight. Most sprouted in 24 hours. 100% germination. Put in Organic Soil under 120 watts fluros. Vegged 5 weeks. Very distinct LONG Sativa leaves Lime Green color. Plants develop into drooping umbrella form. Under HID's plants STRETCH! Mine ended up at 2 1/2 - 3 1/2' in 3 gallon pots. Very branchy. Two phenotypes: One taller leafier more branching; the other shorter but heavier flowering especially on the main stem. Fluffy white pistils. Plants start "putting on the weight" after 5 weeks. Final time 9 - 11 weeks.Final product is "old time Sativa". Fruity Mango flavor. High is super Trippy Sativa like weed from the 70's. High can bring on paranoia racing heart beat and hallucinations for those not used to it. Not for light weight smokers!!!!! This stuff is EXACTLY what I remember was around during the 70"s. You can almost hear the whoomp-whoomp of the Nam choppers. A great outdoors "Summer Day smoke". Just don't smoke it before your landlord or Mom comes by.... Hehehhehehe....A 10 in my book! SensiThese were from AF who asked me to test em.These babies ARE NOT your typical Seed Bank seeds. They're pure Sativa so they need tons of light and patience. HOWEVER... for those willing to wait the 10 or so weeks or have access to outdoor fields its the real thing.Indoors during the last few weeks you really need to use an extra fan cause these babies will suck up water! You aint gonna over water these girls - they just pass it thru their huge Sativa leaves. Genetics for the Mecong Delta...The high is exactly like the stuff I remember from the mid 70's. I recall some "body bag" weed (don't ask)that had a similar high: every puff took ya to another level and there was this hum or buzz sound-noise in your head! Best smoked with a good friend at your side if ya know what I mean. Odds are maybe one of you won't freak hehehhe...Yup right up there with the old Columbian Thai and Panama stuff.If you're into SCROG these are it - very branchy and a million bud sites. SensiNam F1 (Vietnamese sativa hybrid aka Vietnam Black aka NAM weed) -Original F1 cross: -Male Northern Vietnam/China Boarder (indica influence) -Female Southern Vietnam outskirts of Saigon (truebreeding pure Sativa NAM) Breeder's description: Originating from Vietnamese genetics brought back to North America in 77 she's an extremely potent exotic sativa. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR MEDICIAL USERS: usually resulting in shortness of breath difficulty breathing raised blood pressure leans towards paranoia. Her sweet tropical ripe mango scent and sickly sweet taste will speak for itself. Vigorous strong brancher and top heavy - support recommended. A very heavy yield compensates for a longer flowering period. Indoor Specs: Flowering time: 9+ weeks Height 150 cm Yield: 1+ gm/watt Original Auction Descriptionhere's my experience with the Nam:Can you find good Mom's from 10 seeds? Most definitely! I had 10 for 10 germ and btw it was definitely one of the fastest germinating strains I've run across in years.I ended up with 6 females 4 males. Of the 6 females I kept 3 with the best flowering characteristics due to space limitations.There are 2 phenotypes: One produces more bud sites early on close to the main stem and is less leafy. The other is leafier more branchy but produces bigger buds later on particularly from side shoots. Either one is most suited to scrog - there's lots of stretching and branching. ( I went bush style route to "test' the strain and they ended up stretching 4x initial 12/12 height!) I have one Mom that probably could have filled a small screen all by itself! (May have pics soon...) This is a low odor strain: little odor early on later during heavy flowering a very subdued Mango odor. Being an almost pure Sativa don't expect heavy "frost trichomes" but dont let that fool ya - this baby builds up the thc levels. High is rocket up visual trippy. Takes a bit to "get yer bearings" if you're not used to Sat highs hehehehe.. I would suggest a minimum of 400 as it likes to just keep on stretching and making more and more buds so light penetration is the thing. Like I said the perfect Scrog plant. Fert requirement is nominal I would suggest more N early on and back off the N later on to keep the stretch down. This is a 10 to 12 week plant so don't be choppin her down at 50 days! SensiQuestions on Nam Black:1. How uniform is it? How are the odds of getting a really nice mom (and dad) out of 10 ?2. What planting density do you recommend in scrog for this plant. The plant in the pics covered how much space when flowered with no veg time in the chamber? I'm trying to get a feel for the timing/density with this strain for the set-up AF is building right now (2'wx4'lx4'h cabinet 400hps on a linear mover water-cooled light).3. How strong is the odor? Anything in particular to be aware of? Any unusual nute preferences?Short version:1. very uniform. 4 to 6 females from 10.2. 3 plants/ft2 7.8 ft2 easy to time flush.3. strong pungent but easily manageable. Impatience = beware.Long version:1. She's very uniform in regards to potency height leaf structure bud structure and most general flowering givens with a rare exception. The main difference in phenotypes I've noticed from the norm are the odd "nothing but bud" single donkey dick like individuals usually identified by the short somewhat squat and bushy veg appearance (SOG) nearly butt naked when fully mature. Of the 10 from the above picture 6 were males 4 were females. Of the 4 females 3 were very identical in appearance and in performance (ie.. strong branching uniform tight internodal spacing tall water guzzling vigorous growth) all great flowering prospects. I've made the effort to clone and keep all 3 mums as new additions in the veg room for future cloning. The remaining female is the odd "nothing but bud" pheno which btw is looking really nice even scrogged right now. I'll try to post a picture of this pheno so you can easily spot it as soon as reasonably possible. The fathers were all very uniform though I didn't spend enough time with the males to able to give you a fair and more in depth description. So to answer your question ... even with my bad luck I've managed to secure 3 outstanding ScrOG mums even faced in a low fem ratio predicament. You should end up with 4-6 uniform mothers to painfully choose from out of 10.....2. Given a standard basic flat horizontal scrog with the screen set 12" above the medium : 3 plants per ft2 works well done only with MATURE clones. The ones in the pics covered 100% of the available 7.8 ft2 canopy planted at a density of 3 plants per ft2 with absolutely NO veg time in the chamber (done with 6" single topped clones). The buds ranged from 2-18 inches long with the average bud measuring between 8-12 inches long. The larger the plant at induction the more likely you'll get away with using fewer plants i.e.... additional veg time. Your friend may want to take into consideration the ventilation requirements which may present themselves amist growing in such a dense bud canopy. His 4x2 space gives the perfect opportunity to slide out the centre 24" module which leaves just enough space to confortably train inside the cabinet a great opportunity to save work and training time and of course taking advantage of vertical screens ect...Done properly your friend's 400W water cooled light should produce an abundance of outstanding buds on the heavy side. Timing should be easy with an overcrowded excessive amount of shoots "that you have to clip away!" that should begin to rise when they begin to bulk in the 6th week. The mimum reccommended finishing time is 9-10 weeks.3. The scent is very strong but not enough to worry about. I've found that all will exhibit this trait fairly well though I wouldn't say the smell isn't as overly intense like many of the "skunk" varieties avail. Nothing to lose sleep over. But be aware of premature flowering (12/12 induction "pre"- alternating phyllotaxy ) which is EASIEST trigger for hermaphrodism. NEVER induce flowering until alternating phyllotaxy. Can seem forever on a near pure sativa .... but a mistake unfortunately made by many myself included. Further veg time followed by re-flowering always proves that the trigger is environmental rather than genetic at least with this strain. As for nutes I feel it's one of the most vigorous plant I've ever grown very hardy and forgiving. It's done well in the past using dirt bio dirt chem dirtless hydro and looks very promising in DWC hydro and DWC aquaponics "so far" (even for a hydro-illiterate like me) LOL. You should easily excell my efforts with your hydro experience I feel that most ppl will consider her a waterhog and hardy and tolerant (nominal req's for survival at the same time it handles force feeding well). Overall an easy plant to grow and evolved well... ideally for scrog.... Ultimate

Origins indoor

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