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O.G. Skunk #1

Flowering Time No feminized seeds.

Dominance indica/sativa

Bio The Real Classic From the originators of this breed Hells Angels own early 70's breeding programs. Uncle Fester's Famed Skunk #1 - 100% the original and only.Since the late 60's Old School skunk by the original 81 crew of Oakland now retired old Viking's chilling somewhere in a Mt. Shasta cave.When the days where fun filled with Sugar Cubes Orange Sunshine & 4way Clear Window Pane when the S.F.'s Height meets the "North" and going up North means to party at ~ "The Farm".Total Classic and Very Old School passed around for generations from big time party goers themselves making their own strain. Like Uncle's modern Humboldt Trainwreak his Skunk #1 a mix of 4 strains of his & their favorites to make his one beautiful strain that's proven winner & been going and going to even to today's ~ Cheese God bud J-1(Jack H. x Skunk#1) and other Skunk #1 classic phenos.They all have passed on now but they left us with a legend of Cannabis History.Thanks guys xD

Origins indoor

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