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Oxygen 19

Flowering Time ~70 days

Dominance mostly sativa

Bio Both components of this inbred line have proven their outstanding quality in previous projects: Haze #19 gave our A13 Trip its notable hazey edge and Indigo Blue provided its Midas touch to our Chocolate Trip making it possible for a Thai-dominant high to live in an indoor-friendly plant.Oxygen’s development was prompted by the desire to enjoy the uplifting positive mood-inducing qualities and electric ride of the Haze without having to worry about paranoia or high anxiety episodes. Even hard-core Haze aficionados admit that our Haze #19 has on occasion caught them off balance and threw them into a cold-sweating experience they rather not repeat. Several different crosses and breeding strategies were needed to identify Indigo Blue as the winning pollen donor that turned Haze #19 into an enjoyable strongly euphoric high in a solid yielding blue-tinged plant with a unique spicy berry flavor.The influence of our sweet berry Indigo Blue breeder has removed the nasty paranoid bite allowing for a comfortable anxiety-free high while allowing full expression of Haze’s valued stimulating properties. Oxygen Haze is wonderfully mood-adjusting providing bursts of irrepressible energy that demand expression from cleaning the house to having sex go dancing or running. The mind enjoys a lucid highly creative state while an exhilarating feeling stirs to action without any anxiety or paranoia. Taste has also been improved with unique raspberry and plum notes taking over the spicy “metallic” notes typical of the Haze #19 mother.Indigo Blue has also imbued outstanding vigour making Oxygen easy to grow and clone a welcome upgrade over the light and nutrient sensibilities of the Haze mother. Oxygen nearly grows itself even under lower light conditions and its genetic stamina translates into exceptional yields. The abundant but fluffy sativa bud structure of the mother has been radically improved by the Indigo father resulting in added girth resin and density. Big donkey-dick colas make Oxygen our best Haze-based indoor yielder yet 150+ grams of aromatic potent cerebral smoke in a reasonable 10 week flowering period.

Origins indoor

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