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Psycho Crack

Flowering Time ~63 days

Dominance mostly sativa

Bio Here is our latest offering from the gardens of SickMed Seeds. A transatlantic fusion of two infamous clone only strains the UK's sought after Psychosis meets the Green Crack clone out of the USA. The intention was to blend these two strains as it was felt there were complimentary characteristics from both strains in terms of plant structure and growth in addition to complimenting each other in flavour and high.Both plants have a reputation of producing dank aromatic buds with the potential to show purple hues with cooler temperatures. Side branching on both strains is a common trait and has shown to come through in testing of this hybrid strain. The stretchy internode pattern of the psychosis has been reined in with tighter nodes from the green crack coming through eliminating some of the scrappy spindly lower branching that sometimes can be prevalent in psychosis and adding some strength to branches more woody/fibrous branches are to be found although supporting of colas is still recommended during SCROG set ups.The Psycho Crack performs well in a SCROG set up and will respond well to topping and training. Leaf shapes are more in keeping with the green crack but some influence on the razor edged leaf shapes from the psychosis does shine through as the plant becomes established. The pungent odours from the psychosis are present during the growth of this strain. Stem rubbing even early in veg will bring smells of skunky funkyness dirty earthy skunk like smells remaining on fingers with hints of sweet fruits found subtly in the background.Expect harvests of good yields as both parents are renowned to consistently perform and this has been shown in testing of this strain with returns of impressive sugary coated colas and with smells that would entice any lover of fine ganja. Fresh carbon filters are strongly recommended in order to retain your freedom and liberty. Finishing times are generally in the 60 to 65 day window.Harvested buds when consumed will lean more towards the Psychosis in terms of taste and effect. With the taste being dominated by the pronounced Psychosis/Cheese flavour on the inhale but with noticeable hints from the Green Crack coming through in both smell and taste sweet fruityness that is difficult to pinpoint but leaves you searching to identify background flavours further. This strain does not lack flavour and has a tendency to linger on the palette (as well as your clothes!) for a reasonable time after inhalation. The effect of the stone again leans towards the psychosis an intense sensation that is not akin to your everyday sativa most feedback received suggested this not to be a so called daytime smoke.Medicinal Use: Pain Relief Insomnia & MigrainesType: Indica/Sativa 30/70Line: Exodus Psychosis x Green CrackFlowering: 55 - 65 DaysOutdoor: Mid October

Origins indoor

King Canna Cup:

King Canna Cup:

June 23rd at Budfest Eugene - don't miss it! Click the link below to

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