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Marijuana Effects

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Flowering Time ~56 days

Dominance indica

Bio Aka: Afghani HashplantPurpleGhani is a Afghani Hashplant hybrid for Indica lovers and connoisseurs. It is a combination of two traditional wide leafed Indicas brought back to USA from Afghanistan by early collectors. These two lines only slightly inbred since collection make a gorgeous dense traditional Hashplant type.The finished herb's from the dense strong plants gives a great insight to the traditional Hashish from the region dark heavy and so very sticky. Lovely deep Hashish tones abound in taste and smells. The high is very body centric and centered just a deep body hit which will sit you down. Nice calm and relaxed.The plants smell strong giving out a very dense earthy Hash smell. Pungent.Plants are very easy to grow forming wide leave dense growth with only short inter-nodal stretch. Not suited to SOG growing or 12/12 from seed these are heavy dense Indicas.* Type: F1 Afghani - indica x indica* Genotype: Pure Kush 88 x Purple Kush (Pure 'Kush' Afghani x Afghani F1)Indoor/Greenhouse: 7 - 9 WeeksOutdoor finish: SeptemberOdor level: Medium - HighMite resistance: MediumMould Resistance: MediumStretch: 2xYield: High

Origins indoor

Marijuana Effects

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