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Purple Pakistan Chitral

Flowering Time ~56 days

Dominance indica

Bio This strain is not available as seed!We got some ACE seeds of this strain from wich we made a selection to find something nice to continue working trying to create good hybrids and f1´s with this genetic.We saw a good homogenity in the descendant plantsand good traits as been a strong and little plant vigorous strong with an apical structure and production purple coloured and fast flowering (around 54-58 days).Lots of resin in this plant that start to show very early once started to flowercoming joined to the start of purple colour appearing in leaves and calixes.The aroma in this strain varies from strawberry and some sweety or candy likehashyand also to humid soil/forest-mushroom.Once cured also grape smell.The effect is a calmed and taking easy high with a good mood around and a happy face. It dont leave you k.o-off the mind is clear and you can make things.We will be working with this strain in f1´s and hybrids not pure or s1 form. We´ve tested how well this strain works in F1 form in Congo x Pakistan Chitral for example and it fixes quite well. I hope you can go on watching some on this f1s and the work we can make with Pakistan blood and genes.Flowering time indoor: 54-58 daysOutdoor Maturation: Mid-end September (N.H)

Origins indoor

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