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Flowering Time ~67 days

Dominance indica/sativa

Bio Aka: RedWreckSeraph is the given name of Breeders Choice Brands first Medical Cannabis focused seed line.Seraph is a combination of Heirloom breeding works and genetics conducted in the Humboldt region and comprised of selected imported genes from Thailand Mexico and Pakistan. It is a 'throwback' strain that produces very unique effects and plants. These effects and traits have been carefully selected for over a number of years and are now stabilised.Seraph has no other aims than delivery of Medical grade Cannabis and is not for those seeking anything other.Plant selections throughout the breeding of this line have been for nothing other than a specific quality of pain relief and cure for insomnia. It is a anti-modern line that has been selected carefully for flowers that when trimmed and cured correctly will deliver a massive dose of instant long lasting pain relief and if used in higher dosage will deliver a knock-out sleep inducing head 'stoned to the bones' effect when your eyes want to close and you wish to seek somewhere to sleep. If used in higher dosage in the morning the unique Cannabinoid and Terpenoid profile of this seed line will put you straight back to bed.Seraph is a Sativa/Indica mix of some of the finest genes selected in the Humboldt and both form the basis of the Trainwreck strains now famous around the world along with many other modern Drug Cannabis Cultivars. Potency is very high and delivery of effects is what many would call 'Sativa'. Seraph hits you hard from the first intake the effects will be noticed in the eyes and top of the head as things begin to cloud. Pain is stopped usually in most cases at this point at the receptors are controlled and very busy dealing with the special mix of Cannabinoids and Terpenoids now in charge.Effects are long lasting and sedative this combined with the creeper effects of this strain may lead to overuse in early trials. Monitoring dosage is critical for amount of effect. Higher dosage leads to much greater cerebral lockout but little body effects as pain is controlled all in the head. At such dosage sleep will be induced users typically yawn a lot with massive will to lie down to sleep and not impairment of movement.The plants themselves are extremely easy to cultivate in Organic and Bio Dynamic gardens both indoors and outdoors. Ideally this is a perfect outdoor plant that grows as a huge multi arm creeper type. Indoors plants have very closed and thin branches that will bend a lot without braking therefore training early for a bushy profile will maximise flower sets. Flowers form all over the plant and without predominant central Cola's. They will grow themselves and need no high fertilisation to produce exceptional quality and good yields. A final potting to a organic super soil fed only with water is ideal. Chemical fertilisation is not recommended for this Cultivar.Flowering period indoor is approx 60 days from seed although it is strongly recommended to take and flower clones from matured seed plant kept as mothers while making plant selections for personal circumstance. From matured clones plants will finish faster by as much as 10 days and produce even higher level of potency. Outdoors this plant over a full season is a huge bush type that will ultimately produce a high yield of exceptional medicine coming in around October full moon at 40 degrees and South. Seraph is impervious to mould and will take a lot of rain and thus will adapt quickly to being further North.Both indoors and outdoors Seraph produces a high leaf to flower ratio this is intended by her creators. Once trimming for optimal medical effects we advise the leaving on of the full 'sugar' leaves that form in the flower sets. Removing only main leaves. This produces the intense physical effects as described above. Cut and hang plants fully and allow to dry fully before taking off the sugar leaves. If grown correctly and with low fertilisation Seraph will produce a abundance of fine quality medicinal herbs that will not induce any lung expansions or coughs during use producing a silky smooth smoke.Seraph also has unique Terpenoids a has a creamy smooth unmistakeable taste and smells of the finest Nepalese hashish Charas. On the exhale their is overripe sweet fruits from Limonene terpenoids in the background but the line is dominant for the sweet and creamy smooth taste of the finest Charas that really lingers and sticks around in the nose and on the palette. A delightful taste experience and bouquet.Type: Heirloom Indica / Sativa's poly hybridGenotype: QE32 Trainwreck and Chitral NLD Pakistani SativaIndoor/Greenhouse: 8 - 11 WeeksOutdoor finish: October 40 degrees latitude and South.Odor level: MediumMite resistance: HighMould Resistance: HighStretch: 2x and greaterYield: Medium

Origins indoor


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