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Smart Alex

Flowering Time ~67 days

Dominance indica/sativa

Bio This was the best phenotype we pulled from the Clockwork Orange S1's. It has a notably better smell than the original Clockwork Orange almost as potent and doesn't display the leaf mutation that the original Clockwork Orange displayed. This was one of the most important trait we were looking for as most people didn't like the leaf mutation part of Clockwork Orange because "it looked funny."The two have the same growth patterns where they will do great as a single cola and will do great topped. It's VERY easy to grow with a distinctive coffee scent. It's got huge massive indica leaves however the high tends to be more of a sativa high a truly unique plant and just another reason why Clockwork Orange belongs in its own class.Flowering Time: 9-10 WeeksNOTE: you HAVE to scuff these seeds and sometimes crack them after a few days yourself in order to get them to go. They are an anomaly with how large they are and it's almost impossible to get them to germinate without helping them crack. It seems like all of the clockwork orange seeds and hybrids: Smart Alex Clockwork BX Clockwork Orange all display this trait. They're well worth it if you can get them out of that hard ass marble of a shell but it's like surgery trying to get them out of those shells. The reason they're so expensive is because of how few there are and how hard they are to germinate. Keep the scuffing in mind (use the back of a matchbook - the striking area and rub it hard along the seams on the seed) or after soaking it for a few days see which ones won't go on their own and get a pair of scissors - and this is SUCH a gentle process clamp the scissors down JUST until the seed cracks a tiny bit so water can enter the shell but not to the point of where the seedling inside is harmed.DO NOT PURCHASE THESE SEEDS UNLESS YOU ARE CAPABLE OF DOING SOME OF THESE ADVANCED SEED CRACKING METHODS OR YOU WILL JUST BE BUMMED!

Origins indoor

King Canna Cup:

King Canna Cup:

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