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Spliff's Strawberry

Flowering Time ~60 days

Dominance mostly sativa

Bio Strawberry’s ancestors originate from Northeast in the USA. A truly special Sativa with rockhard nugs that are covered in trichomes. The calyxes are ball shaped. Not your usual ‘candleshaped’. She is tall and lanky and thinly stalked with big rockhard nugs all over. Very dense compact buds for a sativa-dominant plant from top to bottom and very little leaves so easy to manicure.She requires four to five weeks to veg (continuous light 24/7) and will show first flowers quite late. Flowering time however is just 8 weeks. She is ideal for ‘scrogging’. Will grow to approximately 1.20m. For yield indoor 500 gr/m2 is possible and up to 1kg/plant for outdoor (tropical conditions) is possible. Qualitywise you could call her an IBL. She is very strong and branchy plant. A great plant for "sea of green" gardens on any medium. Also performs well in greenhouses. She is covered in long resin glands. Be careful with nutrients. She produces quite uniform plants.She is a fresh and sweet tasting strain. Aroma is a tropical fruity one and the scent is not too pungent; a nice mellow fresh and fruity floral sensation. Like a fresh field of flowers in the spring. She is ideal to grow discretely. There can be variation in taste and smell (3 phenos) from ranging from berry grapefruit pineapple to a distinct fruity strawberry taste.Thanks to her Haze roots (Jack Herer) she has a mindblowing soaring psycho-active high that leaves you smiling all over and makes crave for some snackedge. The perfect addition to some Pink Floyd Future Sound of London or Boards of Canada. Medicinal value: general pain relief and chronic pain.80% Sativa.Genotype: Strawberry Cough x Skunk and Jack Herer.Creamy fresh berry aroma and strawberry flavor with Hazy undertone.Medicinal strain.Ideal for SOG.Medicinal value: anxiety and depression.Overwhelming soaring classic Sativa high.Potential THC level: high.Flowering time indoor: 8-9 weeksHarvesting outdoor: NovemberPlant height: Indoor 1.00-1.20mYield: Indoor 500 gr/m² / Outdoor: 1 kg/plant (subtropical climate)Growing difficulty: medium

Origins indoor

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