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Super Critical Haze

Flowering Time ~68 days

Dominance mostly sativa

Bio Haze genetics are principally known for their tropical origin their rapid growth and their high psychoactivity. However there is another fundamental characteristic that makes it such an appreciated variety: its wonderful unique flavour.A combination of spices incense sandalwood pepper and hints of lemon with a strong aftertaste; this is the luxury that can be obtained from this delicious genetic breed by the few privileged cultivators willing to put in hours of work. Some time ago we were able to get our hands on a very high quality sativa Haze thanks to the cultivator community JYD. It was the best quality we had ever had the chance to see: 12 week flowering extraordinary taste very complex short delicious. Furthermore the strain has an effect that without a doubt is the most extreme of all our selection of mother-plants.It can be defined as energetic very psychoactive. On some occasions it can be very intense and overpowering and disappears without leaving a relaxed feeling due to a low CBD content.Therefore we had its taste and effect and also its resistance to fungus. What better partner for the highly productive Critical+ which has proved to be an authentic Fórmula-1 for commercial production? We used the sativa as the mother plant in order to obtain its special flavour and at the same time the highest psychoactivity possible achieving a result to be proud of: a percentage of the plants developed an extremely special flavour as a result of the mixture with the fruity flavour of the Critical+ apart from having a reasonably rapid growth -10 weeks to maturity- which makes them interesting for outdoor cultivation. The haze genetics contained in this variety obviously make it highly resistant to mildew and therefore it is adequate for cultivating in cold wet areas where plants can be affected by fungus. The combination of resistance productivity strength and taste in the SCH turn it into a first-class variety. It grows extremely vigorously and is therefore appropriate for cultivation in larger areas such as outdoors –with an appropriate climate- but not quite as recommendable for indoor cultivation. In indoor cultivation directly from the seed the plant tends to stretch excessively and requires pruning or other means of size-control for example techniques such as Screen of Green (SCROG). They devour nutrients and need abundant iron and all the light they can possibly get. In exchange they will give enormous buds covered in thick crystals of resin with an incredible aroma to juicy fruit chewing gum and an active effect which is totally overpowering.Flowering: 60 – 75 daysOutdoor harvests: Until 20 OctoberTHC: High. (12% - 19%)CBD: MediumProduction: MediumOutdoor height: Up to 3 metresComposition: Indica 30% Sativa 70%Genotype: JYD Haze x Critical+

Origins indoor


Strain Tests

THC vs CBN/CBD Combined vs Non Cannabinoids
THC: %14.5
Non Cannabinoids: %85.31
CBN CBD Combined: %0.19
CBN: %0.18
CBD: %0.01
King Canna Cup:

King Canna Cup:

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