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Twisted Tangerine Tincture 2000mg THC/CBD - MED

Twisted Tangerine Tincture 2000mg THC/CBD - MED images placeholder


Cannabis Tincture was the main form of cannabis medicine prescribed until 1937 when it was banned.

TinctureBelle Tinctures offer a tasty, discreet way to medicate. Not only are they effective for various pains, they are great for insomnia, stress relief and even monthly discomfort for women.

TinctureBelle Tinctures are made with 100% Food Grade Kosher Glycerine apposed to their Alcohol based predecessors. TinctureBelle tinctures are sweet to taste however, contain no Sugar or Honey and are diabetic safe!

With a variety of ways to ingest it, Tincture’s are ideal for people who either can’t or don’t want to smoke marijuana. Many patients prefer to add it to food or tea or smoothies. Some ingest it sublingually, while others just swallow the drops. Depending how you take it, determines how quickly it takes effect.

- Sublingually kicks in faster than an edible but slower than smoking and is the best way to get the full effect.
- Swallowing drops takes a bit longer because it’s not reaching your bloodstream as quickly as taking it sublingually.
- The same can be said with putting it in food or drink, since it’s going into your stomach it’s not getting absorbed as quickly as it could be.
- Our Cannabis Tinctures are made with Full Spectrum CO2 Hash Oil that was extracted from full flower buds(grown by TinctureBelle). 

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Denver, CO 80216

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