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Flowering Time ~50 days

Dominance mostly sativa

Bio A beautiful purple variety with high yields and Afghan taste. Heavy buds and high. Sativa wicked smoke. The taste is heavy and rich very nice! And the high is more of a low you get glued to the sofa but if you want to get something from the kitchen it`s not impossible.The final yield was almost 20 grams of prime bud per plant. Each one had about a third of a square foot to grow so that makes around 2 Oz per sq./ft. even with so much stretch. The taste after one week of curing in jars is sweet and not harsh at all. Bottom line: Try this strain. It looks awesome yields great has good potency and is on the cheap side for such nice genetics.Effect: Smooth lasting highPotency: 8 out of 10Yield: 2/3 ouncesStature: Tall Sativa phenoPhenotype: Mixed primarily SativaIndoor: 45 to 55 daysOutdoor: 1st week of OctOdor: Fruity tasty and a sweetYIELD PER PLANT IS BASED ON 100% ORGANIC NUTRIENTS & SOIL IN 6 LITER CONTAINERS

Origins indoor

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