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X-Kush #2

Flowering Time ~63 days

Dominance indica

Bio Aka: HomeRoast; eXe.Kush #2Breeders Choice XKush #2 was devised to create another 'extreme' pure Indica 'Kush' line for the indoor grower seeking a high THC hard hitting Indica. The objective of this #2 project in the X-Kush line up was to create a traditional F1 Kush created from elite selections with two of the worlds finest Hashish making lines.X-kush #2 has been carefully developed to capture the flavours and qualities of high that has througout history has enabled the Hashish from the region to be some of the finest available Hashish in the world legendary for potentcy flavours and overall qualities of high.X-Kush #2 is a highly potent pure Indica F1 which carries equally strong potentcy as any other 'modern Kush' variety it is a very hard hitting high THC plant. As a true F1 between two of Pakistan's finest unrelated gene pools she carries a great vigor which manifests itself in both plant growth potentcy and depth of flavours.The individual combination of the renowned Mazar and Chitral pure Indica hashplants have been intensly selected from these pure gene pools to deliver extremely smooth smoking dense tastes and effects in Sinsemelia form. Her smoke is fine incredibly smooth and with the unmisstakeable tastes and smell's of the finest home roasted artisan Coffee's. Perfectly matching the tastes of the best highland Ethiopean home roasted coffee sweetened with pure natural Honies. Absolutely lovely silky smooth experience on the palette. Backnotes of slight orange and lemon tasting Hashish on the exhale but overall the unmisstakeble smells and tastes of fine Coffee's.The high is all Indica with a rare non centered head effect that really does hit hard from the very first intake. This is superb pain killing medicene with a really pleasent get up and go motivation. A great social Indica.The plants grow to typical pure Indica hash plant types large stocky wide leafed plants with dense buds on a sturdy frames. As a F1 first generation incross between to noticably unrelated genepools she grows with great vigour inside and out which makes her a ideal selection for Indoor SOG type growing with some usefull vigor and stretch forming big central Cola's.Outside she grows into very large XMas tree shapes with a massive wide central cola. She is very resistant to pests and mostly mould resistant. However she does not like standing water too much so choose more open locations where wind can reach. Yields can be huge in the right conditions.Inside or out she is very easy to grow making high yields of herbs that are extrememly pleasurable to smoke really makes you keep wanting more. A really nice Heirloom indica hybrid with new taste and excellent quality of high.Genotype: F1: Mazar-I-Shariff x Chitrali #1Indoor/Greenhouse: 8 - 10 WeeksOutdoor finish: OctoberOdor level: MediumMite resistance: MediumMould Resistance: MediumStretch: 3xYield: High

Origins indoor

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