Album Notes - Bronze Radio Return - Entertain You

Album Notes - Bronze Radio Return - Entertain You

September 22, 2019

(This one came out in February but just made my way recently. Probably because I don't watch TV or commercials, and even fewer movies...)

The measure of success for a musician in a post-Napster world is so drastically different as to be almost unrecognizable to their 20th century counterparts. The music sharing software was found guilty of killing the CD. One reverberation that gets less attention but was equally dealt a death blow by Shawn Fanning’s creation: the concept of a musician being a sellout. Having your songs appear in commercials used to mean you had no artistic integrity. Now it's a business model. 

Bronze Radio Return subscribe to their self-created ethos that “television and film are the new radio.” They are not wrong. The band’s website says the quintet has "notched nearly 100 high-profile placements" in movies, TV shows, and commercials. Their catchy, bouncy brand of rock may have been enough to land in the hearts of listeners and on the Billboard charts in decades past through that old Marconi invention. But in this file sharing world, the Hartford, Connecticut crew's circuitous approach is to reel fans in first via the screen before shuffling them to Spotify. 

No matter the medium through which a song is conveyed, an artist's ambition has been the same since the beginning of popular music. However the listener arrives at Bronze Radio Return's fifth LP, the band succeeds in that mission. It's also the album's title: Entertain You.