Album Notes - Donald Glover 3.15.20

Album Notes - Childish Gambino - 3.15.20

March 23, 2020

Here today, gone tomorrow

Such is not only the nature of life, but that which we consider routine, normal, given. I'm sure we've all had thoughts along similar lines as we slowly come to accept the news and ponder how different the future might look. But enough about Tom Brady going to Tampa Bay.

The above opening sentence is also applicable to the unannounced album released on Sunday (3/15/20) by Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, only for it to have disappeared completely by Monday. Even now days later, no details have emerged as to its brief existence streaming on and whether or not it will appear in some form again.

Like the actor/writer/director/singer/DJ himself, Glover's Presents showcases his versatility, drawing off a wide palette from Prince to Yeezus-era Kanye, while most easily, if imprecisely, being labeled R&B. As we enter a future that seems more uncertain than ever before, we can add one more question to the list: What the hell was Donald Glover Presents?


Gone yesterday, hear today

Donald Glover’s new album is now available on all standard streaming services and has since been renamed 3.15.20, aka the date it originally appeared for 12 hours on his website. The major difference between that “leak” and this “official release” is the order of the songs. While the initial offering was only available on his website, and thus no track names were included, here all but two tunes are titled as their timestamp, with the individual tracks themselves sequenced entirely differently from what appeared last weekend. Which do you prefer? Check out Donald Glover Presents 3.15.20 on your streaming service of choice, or listen below.