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Webster's Dictionary defines "qazam" as...wait, Webster's Dictionary doesn't define "qazam" at all. In fact it's not even a word – in English. In Arabic, however, it means "dwarf." This information is of absolutely no importance other than that it forms part of a Dutch band's name, a quartet called Combo Qazam. How they narrowed it down to those two words, your guess is as good as mine. Little can be found on the group other than what is posted on their website, which unfortunately sheds no light on the naming process.

Equally curious is the title of their debut. Flight Music may be the name of the album, but the songs themselves evoke images of machinery rumbling down an asphalt road more so than connotations of air-bound objects. The band claims their members have collectively been in 40 groups, and that much at least makes sense. Combo Qazam's creations take on prog rock (minus the song length), with a bit of mid-90s alternative (minus the throaty vocals), a little lo-fi indie (minus the hipster), and a skosh of alt-metal (minus the aggression). The album title may not match the sound, but the name Combo Qazam somehow does.

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