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There are two things the world appears in agreement on right now: 
1) Quarantine sucks
2) Fiona Apple's new album kicks ass

While I'm not one to mathematically quantify a piece of music, it is notable how many reviews are handing Fetch the Bolt Cutters the elusive perfect score. Personally, I will say it is a captivating ride from start to finish, and undoubtedly one of the best things my ears have heard this year.  

It's hard to believe Fetch the Bolt Cutters is only Apple's fifth album since she burst onto the scene in 1996. It's just as easy to forget she was then only 17. Let the storytelling New York City native engross you on a musical journey that shifts from grandiose and expansive to rudimentary and unadorned, often within the same song. Throughout, her voice is dripping with passion, whether by means of lyrical content or vocal dexterity. The binding force of Fetch the Bolt Cutters is Apple's unbridled ambition. Bonus points for its title also doubling as a perfect metaphorical remedy for this quarantine.

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