Album Notes - Foals - Life Is Yours

Album Notes - Foals - Life Is Yours

August 11, 2022

Alright folks, I'm on my honeymoon and back in Europe for the first time since I moved away over three and a half years ago. I imagine I'm having a great time, but I wrote and scheduled this write up before I left the Midwest last week, so, well, that just means you're not getting any new, new music until at least the end of August. But if all is going to plan, when you open this I will hopefully be at Slovak Pub in Bratislava, chowing down on some hovädzí guláš and halušky. I know that means nothing to some of you. But for others, yes, I was also jealous of future me when I typed this out.

But, as I'm not actually writing this the week you're reading it, I wanted to take the opportunity to give a shout out to an album I've been digging since it came out, but other things kept getting in the way, notably, my wedding, and then a shocking Saturday Night in San Francisco release. Anywhooo...

Foals put out their seventh album back in the middle of June and Life Is Yours sees them plunge head first into dancy, slightly wannabe Talking Heads meets LCD Soundsystem grooves. And I dig it. 

Some will consider it a one-note effort, little distinguishing one song from the next, and that may be hard to argue against. But it is consistent both stylistically and in quality, something that cannot be said about some of their prior works. Foals, keep on moving.