Album Notes - Monster Rally - Botanical Dream

Album Notes - Monster Rally - Botanical Dream

August 18, 2022

Week two of the honeymoon means that by now I should theoretically be in Tallinn, Estonia, exploring a town and country in which I have never previously stepped foot. Again, since this was written two weeks ago, who the hell knows. I can't name drop any Estonian foods with the confidence of my Slovak reference last week, unfortunately. But perhaps you'll be regaled with anecdotes upon my stateside return. Or probably not. I might be too busy catching up on all things Wisconsin or writing about that which I originally planned to send today. 

As I sat down, ready to type this out less than 48 hours before I boarded a transatlantic flight, my intention was to devote this space to an incredible album that is both 44 years old and freshly released on July 29. But, sensing that I couldn't give it proper justice at the time, that record will have to wait until next week. Or next year. Instead, I'm going with the latest from a dude I've been digging for a while, and an album that would probably better match the vibes if I was vacationing on a remote island, yet fitting for a headphone trip anywhere.

Yes, Ted Feighan is from Cleveland. Yes, the dude used to front a screamo band. No, you would never believe either of those things listening to any of his musical output under the Monster Rally moniker. But the names and artwork of his releases provide guidance on his aural creations. 

Botanical Dream is the latest sample-filled, yet seemingly organic LP from the Ohio native. A visual artist (yes, he does the cover designs) in addition to his melodic efforts, Feighan's records are as much a canvas as any of his paintings. Dream on.