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When every mention, feature, or review of your band inevitably brings up the Everly Brothers (and...we're still batting a thousand!), perhaps it is a wise choice calling yourselves the Cactus Blossoms as opposed to using the generic "Family's last name + Brothers" formula. Especially when Jack Torrey and Page Burkum don't even share the same last name! (They are in fact biological brothers. Torrey was born Torrence Aloysius Burkum but has been called Jack since childhood, and repurposed his given name into his stage name.) But the comparisons to Don and Phil are certainly warranted. Both families have roots in the Midwest. All four brothers sport the same 1950s facial hair. And of course the real reason for such comparisons: the eerily similar style of music.

Minneapolis' Cactus Blossoms started performing in 2010, gaining more attention in the other half of the Twin Cities back in 2012 with a weekly residency at St. Paul's Turf Club. Four years later they put out their debut, You're Dreaming, an album that is pure classic country. Here on the follow-up, the Burkums broaden things out ever so slightly as to almost merit the "Americana" label nearly every mention, feature, or review now includes. The impeccable harmonies again drive the duo's tunes. Along with the succinctly sparse backing accompaniment, Easy Way is not only the album's name, but serves as a description of how the Cactus Blossoms make the entire writing, recording and production process appear. Fans of a number of genres can find something to like here. But did I mention they sound like the Everly Brothers?

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