Album Notes - The Last Dinosaur - Wholeness

Album Notes - The Last Dinosaur - Wholeness

November 12, 2020

Step one: Don't confuse Britain's The Last Dinosaur with Australian indie rockers Last Dinosaurs. I did. It took about ten seconds of track one on the former's new release to realize these were indeed two very different bands. (The latter is also good stuff.) 

Step two: Push play and get contemplative. Led by Englishman Jamie Cameron, Wholeness is an album that yearns to be introspected.

Step three: Don't think about whether "introspected" is a real word that people actually use. 

Step four: Tune out the noise of all that is life in America at the moment by enjoying a brisk 26 minutes of relaxation afforded via the previously stated contemplation. Wholeness doesn't demand your undivided attention, but is best served if given.