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A name like "The Wood Brothers" is as clear as timber opaque that minimally two of its three members hail from the forest-minded family. Previously less pronounced was the involvement of the third. That is until Kingdom In My Mind. From the get-go, the non-Wood, multi-instrumentalist Jano Rix rings more prevalent than ever before. His keyboard work on "Alabaster" kicks things off with a sound more akin to Chris Wood's other band, Medeski, Martin, and Wood. Choosing to break in a brand new Nashville studio with some improvisational excursions, the trio shifted their recording approach on LP number seven by borrowing a page from those jazzy jammers. 

The Wood Brothers thought they were taking the new room for a spin. Instead, they came out with a record, albeit circuitously. Chris dissected the jam sessions into structured pieces before he and brother Oliver penned the lyrics. The experimental origins lead to a more whimsical and spontaneous energy on Kingdom In My Mind. While the music stems from improv, the vocals display their most concerted effort yet. We all expect Oliver to carry a tune with his uniquely brilliant voice, but not only are harmonies showcased here more than ever, even Chris twice gets in on singing lead. Dovetailing with the increased keyboard work from Rix, the Wood Brothers sound like they're having more fun than ever as they continue to branch out.


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